These days, it's not a stroller, but children's wagons are popular. Many companies are offering products, and recent safety assessments have shown some problems.

Reporter Ahn Seo-hyun.


Riding wagons, which can carry luggage with children on board, can be easily moved when going out, so they are often used in families with young children.

KSA evaluated the safety of seven passenger wagons that many consumers purchased.

One product, which weighed 50kg, tilted 15 degrees and fell forward, making it unsuitable for toy safety standards.

Another product weighed about 30kg and the seatbelt broke, falling short of the stroller safety standard.

In the evaluation of driving durability according to the stroller safety standard, which should be no problem even after 72,000 repeated uneven surfaces, the wheels or the frame were broken.

[Na Eun-su / Senior Researcher, Korea Consumer Resources Machinery & Metals Team: Because we tested the stroller safety standards, we accepted them. Three companies have responded that they will further enhance the quality of their products so that their safety is not compromised.]

In all seven products surveyed, the hazardous substances were found to meet safety standards and to be durable and water resistant.

The Consumer Sources asked that children purchase a wagon for the purpose of boarding and ensure that they are certified as a 'toy' and that they observe the indicated age and allowable weight.

(Image editing: Won Hee Hee, VJ: Oh Kwan, screen provided by Korea Consumer Resources)