Realization of a high-rise building with a wooden structure of 70 stories above ground No examples of more than 11 stories October 21 20:13

A construction project for the tallest building in Japan, which is 350 meters high and 70 stories high, will begin in earnest. A major housing manufacturer, Sumitomo Forestry, has set up a new research base in Tsukuba, Ibaraki to realize the project, and will work on research on fire-resistant materials and building structures.

Sumitomo Forestry is working on the spread of environmentally-friendly wooden buildings, but in 2041, the 350th year since its founding in the Edo period, a project to build a wooden high-rise building with a height of 350 meters and 70 stories above the ground. I'm starting up.

The research facility in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, which is the base for this project, was opened to the public on the 21st.

This facility is a three-story wooden structure with green exterior walls and balconies, solar panels on the roof, and up to 140 people can work.

In this facility, the development of fire-resistant materials that can maintain the structure even after burning for 3 hours, and the technology to reduce the construction cost that is estimated to be twice that of high-rise buildings using steel frames That means working on research.

According to Sumitomo Forestry, there are no examples of building buildings over 11 stories in office buildings and condominiums using wood.

Sumitomo Forestry President Ichikawa Satoshi said, “We want to accelerate the development of high-rise buildings by using timber, a sustainable resource that can be reproduced.”