Child poverty Banking industry to support October 21 20:28

The National Bankers Association held a meeting to call on member banks to support children and parents to help the banking industry support children living in poor households whose income is below a certain level. It was.

According to a national survey, the ratio of children under 17 living in poverty households whose income is below a certain level was 13.9% as of 2015, 1 in 7 It is going up.

It has been pointed out that poverty will be linked to the next generation due to the impact on advancement and employment, and that it will have a negative impact on Japan's economy and employment.

The National Bankers Association decided to work as an industry, as neglecting problems could lead to shrinking Japanese financial markets.

At the meeting where the members' banks were gathered, Mr. Osamu Sugawara, Chairman of the Planning Committee, called for support, stating that it was a meaningful issue as a bank.

After this, the bank's efforts to address children's poverty were introduced, and Aomori Bank raised funds through the Internet and introduced the establishment of a consulting center that supports the independence of children leaving child welfare facilities. did.

The Tokyo Star Bank reported that it has set up employment support courses for the employment and income stability of single mothers who are raising children alone.

According to the National Bankers Association, 40% of banks, including scholarships, are providing some kind of support related to the problem of child poverty.

The attending bank representative said, “I want to take home and consider what I can do in my bank.”