The Dubai Land Litigation Center, the judicial arm of Dubai Land Department, has warned of a new way of fraud by a company by manipulating the start and end dates of the lease, as the owners deliberately took a two-year lease for a one-year lease.

The Center revealed in statements to «Emirates Today» that it is currently considering a number of rent disputes, filed by owners against a company in Dubai has a license for holiday homes, demanding the cancellation of leases with them, and refund the full rental value for the actual period and not those in the lease.

Rental sector

In detail, the head of the Center for Rent Dispute Resolution, Judge Abdul Qader Mousa, said that “the control of irregularities in the rental sector, requires the concerted efforts of all parties involved in the rental sector,” pointing out that the center spares no effort in raising awareness of rent disputes and publicizing the rights of tenant and lessor. He demanded that all parties to the rental relationship should scrutinize the leases and read their terms carefully.

He pointed out that the Center is considering a number of rent disputes, related to the exploitation of the non-audit company tenants in the start and end dates of the lease contracts, to profit illegally, pointing out that the law addresses such issues, which deliberately harm others, and harm the real estate market.

Deceive dealers

For his part, the judge at the Center for Dispute Settlement, Hareb Mohammed al-Muhairi, said that the company has adopted a new approach in deceiving dealers, where they are going to the owners of the property and rent them from the property for the purpose of subleasing it, and the friendly agreement with the owner to rent the real estate unit in return for the prevailing rent In the region, which may be up to 80,000 dirhams per year, and give the owner four checks, reassuring the owner of the contract with this company, thinking that the contract and the value of rent for one year, and all checks are written in the same year, while Vacation Homes Company prepares th With the manipulation of the date of commencement and expiry of the contract, so that it starts on 1/1/2018 and ends on 31/12/2019, it will be The company thus obtained the property or unit by only 40 thousand dirhams for each year.

the owner of real estate

Al Muhairi explained that this company deceives the customer or the owner of the property that the period is a year, and then get the owner's signature on the lease for a period of two years with a lease value of one year, and if discovered by some dealers, it gives him a simple apology that it was an unintentional mistake, but those who They did not find out that they had signed a two-year lease, in exchange for a rent equivalent to one year. He pointed out that the company is betting on the confusion that occurs when writing dates in the lease, which happens to many dealers, the first thing that comes to mind from the first sight is that the lease for a period of only a year, but when we examine the matter we find that the period for two years.