The judicial decision was expected. The High Court of Angers considered the opening of the Casino of Angers on Sunday afternoon illegal.

The Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) of Angers on Thursday banned the Casino group to open on Sunday afternoon its hypermarket in Angers. Unable to get its employees to work on Sunday afternoons, Casino had set up a parade by opening only automatic cash registers. However, to oversee the payment process to these funds, the hypermarket used an outside provider to provide a service "animatrices".

The provider company, which used every Sunday afternoon animators since August 25, will have to stop this activity on pain of a penalty of 5,000 euros per violation noted. The judge of summary of the TGI of Angers considered that this activity is not legal, the company in question belonging to the sector of the event in which the recurring work on Sunday afternoon is not authorized.

"The facilitators were only there to start the change"

For the Casino Group, this decision is not a hindrance to the opening of Sunday afternoon. It will remain open next Sunday, simply the facilitators of the service provider will no longer be there, only will remain vigilantes. The judgment rendered this afternoon does not concern them.

Customers of the store will be able to continue shopping after 13 hours but they will have to fend for themselves to pay for their purchases via automatic payphones. Casino believes that the redefined device will work: "it is 6 Sundays that this hyper Angers opens on Sunday afternoon, customers are now accustomed, it is no longer necessary to use facilitators who were not there only to initiate this change ".

A position that strongly condemns the unions, very advanced since the beginning against the opening of the giant Casino d'Angers on Sunday afternoon.