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Turkish military and Syrian fighters backed by Turkey, on the outskirts of the city of Manbij, Syria, on October 14, 2019. Zein Al RIFAI / AFP

London and Madrid suspend some arms exports to Turkey. No new arms export permits " that could be used in ongoing military operations in Syria " will be granted. The United Kingdom and Spain are the last of a series of European countries to suspend this type of exports.

No common position in Europe regarding arms exports to Ankara. Member States have simply committed themselves to " adopting firm national positions ". Each country has therefore made its decisions ... alone. First, Norway, which is not a member of the European Union, but Turkey's ally in NATO. Then, the Netherlands, which on Friday called on the other member countries of the Union to do the same.

The next day, France and Germany took the same decision. Before then, this Tuesday the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, one of the main arms suppliers of Turkey. An export restriction and not an embargo, since only the equipment likely to be used during this offensive in Syria is concerned.

Belgium still seems to be hesitant about what to do. As for Sweden, it has suspended only its exports of ammunition.

There is also no EU agreement on possible sanctions against Ankara. Turkey has already responded: it is determined to continue its operation in Syria. " We will continue to fight all terrorist groups, including Daesh, whether the world accepts or not to support us ," Turkish communication director Fahrettin Altun told AFP

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