While Carlos Ghosn, the former boss of Renault and Nissan, waiting for a preliminary hearing on October 24 in the context of his trial for financial malpractice, his wife Carole expressed in the columns of the Journal Du Dimanche.


Carlos Ghosn is still being held in Japan, under house arrest, pending a preliminary hearing on October 24. The former CEO of Renault and Nissan is at the heart of a lawsuit for financial malpractices. While in France, Carole Ghosn expressed herself in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche on the fate of her husband: "He can no longer speak without risking prison, I express myself so that we do not forget no, I became his voice. "

Carole Ghosn believes that her husband suffered judicial harassment. For her, no doubt, Carlos Ghosn is innocent. In the meantime, the man will have to present himself on October 24th at a preliminary hearing. For the first time, the defense will have the floor: "The lawyers will explain why Carlos Ghosn is innocent of the facts of which he is accused and plead not guilty on all counts."

"We sent Carlos center thirty days in jail for money he did not touch"

The wife of the former CEO of Renault and Nissan is particularly up against the Japanese justice. According to her, there is a blatant double standard: "I am shocked by the treatment according to whether one is Japanese or foreign." She explains: "We threw Carlos 130 in jail for sums he did not touch.The only penalty for Hiroto Saikawa [the general manager of the Japanese automaker, Ed] was to force him to resign."

"They forgot all that Carlos did for the French economy"

Carole Ghosn also wants the presidency and the French government. She called Emmanuel Macron for help several times, without success. "The silence of the Elysee is deafening," she said. "They have forgotten all that Carlos did for the French economy and for Renault." "The message sent is that in France, if you are rich and boss, you are not defended by your country," she concluded, bitter.