“I think this is a rather strange interpretation of the situation, which is trying to demonstrate that the entire energy world is supposedly American-centric, and everything depends on them, and even the successes of other states are a flaw in the USA. A bunch of free assumptions, ”Yushkov explained.

He noted that while the United States withdrew from the multilateral agreement on the nuclear program and began to impose sanctions against Iran, Russia participated in the OPEC + agreement. Yushkov added that Russia redistributed some oil supplies, but the sales volume remained the same.

Also, according to him, if we talk about China, for him Russia was the main supplier of oil even before 2014.

“Russia has gradually increased the volume of oil supplies to China, the Saudis and I have changed, who is the leader in one year, who in the other. Therefore, in any case, we would come out on top, if there was a trade war between China and the United States or not, ”the analyst added.

Yushkov also emphasized that if we talk about the energy situation in Europe, our own production has been falling there for many years, and Russia is one of the few countries that can increase gas supplies at affordable prices.

Earlier, The National Interest reported that US policy inadvertently led to the strengthening of Russia's position in the energy market.

It is noted that the former partners of Venezuela and Iran switched to Russian oil after the introduction of US sanctions against these countries, and the trade war between the USA and China, in turn, contributed to the fact that Russian energy companies were able to gain a foothold in the Chinese market.