The Center for Rent Dispute Resolution, which is affiliated to the Dubai Land Department, has announced the launch of the “Performance Orders” service through the use of artificial intelligence, in order to obtain rental dues, without a paper broker.

The Center assured Emirates Today that the request for commissioning of payment is a mandatory condition in activating the Performance Order to obtain rental dues, explaining that the request is a notification by the owner or his representative, sent by e-mail or notary, so that the judge can proceed Move forward in “performance orders” for financial claims.

Intelligent transformation

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director General of the Dubai Land Department, said that the Dubai Lease Dispute Resolution Center's announcement of the introduction of smart “performance orders” is a translation of the Dubai Government's plan to shift government services towards full intelligence, thereby providing auditors with more Time, pointing out that «Dispute Resolution» is in the forefront in finding easy alternatives, convenient and fast for the public dealing with him.

He added that Dubai, with its various administrative, legal and judicial institutions, is focused on establishing a modern environment in which everyone feels stability and security for themselves and their money, which is one of the features that distinguish Dubai from other investment destinations.

Artificial intelligence

For his part, said the President of the Center for the settlement of rent disputes, Judge Abdul Qader Moussa, that the Center has followed the application of artificial intelligence in the issuance of all judgments and decisions.

He explained that the electronic program of the Center has been fed with all the assumptions of requests for «performance order», and articles of law and legal applications, and when the customer applied for a request for «performance order», the program, through artificial intelligence technology, searches for legal materials applicable to the application and legal application, And the appropriate judgment or decision for applications, at a time when the calculator reviews the amounts requested, and then issues the judgment or decision.

He continued: «At this initial stage judges are currently overseeing and scrutiny of what is issued, to ensure its authenticity, and in preparation for the development with which judicial oversight will cease.

«Commissioning to fulfill»

Moussa pointed out that to activate «performance orders» for obtaining rent dues, the landlord must take an earlier step called «commissioning of fulfillment», which is a notification by the owner or his representative (the creditor), and is sent to the tenant or ( Debtor) via email or through a notary.

He stressed that the mechanism of "commission of fulfillment" is a prerequisite, and must be included in the papers and documents, to move forward in the procedures of "performance orders", without which the judge can not accept the request.

He stressed that «commission to fulfill» works for the benefit of both parties to the rental relationship, it gives the tenant the opportunity to pay rent arrears within five days, at a time when the landlord gives the right to make an argument against the tenant, informing him to pay rent arrears.