FRB Rate breakout opinion breaks Last month's minutes announcement October 10 9:57

The Federal Reserve Board, the US central bank, released the minutes of last month's meeting. At the meeting, it was decided to cut interest rates for the second time in a row following July. However, it was highlighted that the participants had some opinions about the economy and additional interest rate cuts.

At the meeting last month, the FRB decided to cut interest rates for the second time as the downside risk of the economy became serious, but 3 out of 10 people with voting rights voted against a 0.25% rate cut. It was.

According to the minutes published on the 9th, 1 out of 3 people who voted against it claims to cut the rate by 0.5%, and the other 2 are looking at the economy. He argued that interest rates would remain unchanged, pointing out the risks of need and rate cuts causing household and corporate debt to expand.

Furthermore, regarding the future rate cuts, it was revealed that opinions on economic recognition and additional rate cuts were broken within the FRB, such as showing that more than half of the 17 people who attended the meeting were not required.

In the US economy, the adverse effects of trade friction between the United States and China have emerged in the capital investment of the manufacturing industry. As a result, there is a widespread observation among market participants that the FRB will make three consecutive rate cuts at the end of this month. And FRB Chair Powell is likely to face difficult policy decisions.