"Point return system is unfair" October 9, 21:54 when AEON president is dissatisfied

Motoya Okada, president of distribution major “AEON”, announced at a press conference on the 9th that a major supermarket was not eligible for a pointless system for cashless settlement that started with the increase in the consumption tax rate, but it was for a convenience store chain. He expressed dissatisfaction with the system, stating that it was unfair to offer reasonable discounts.

The point chain system for small and medium-sized stores allows the convenience store chain to reduce the purchase price by 2%, resulting in a substantial discount.

President Okada said, “It's clear that the convenience stores are affiliated with major chains and are not small and medium-sized stores, and profits earned here flow to the chain headquarters at a certain rate.” Convenience store stores also expressed dissatisfaction with the system that it was unfair to be eligible for return.

On the other hand, President Okada, when using “Eat-in”, where food purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores is used in the store, the same tax rate of 10% as for restaurants is applied. He said that the tax rate was applied based on "The collapse of the morals that it would be good if the customer declared it" and criticized the system.