Yen market price drops somewhat Oct 8 at 18:51

On the 8th, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate dropped somewhat.

The yen's exchange rate at 5pm was 1 dollar = 107.15 yen to 17 yen, which was 31 yen weaker than the 7th.

Compared to the 7th, the euro was 41 yen weaker against the euro, 1 euro = 117.64 yen to 68 yen.

The euro was 1 dollar = 1.0979-80 dollars against the dollar.

A market official said, “The spread of views over the US-China trade negotiations is likely to be due to the remarks of senior officials from the US government, and in today's Tokyo market, there has been a movement to sell yen and buy dollars. Market attention has been gathered in the US-China ministerial talks scheduled for this week, and the situation is likely to continue to be influenced by price movements. "