Rapid increase in cashless payments Trouble prevention measures are a challenge October 8th 6:31

The use of cashless payments is increasing due to the start of a pointless system for cashless payments in line with the increase in the consumption tax rate. However, use of some services is concentrated and troubles occur, and countermeasures are important for further dissemination.

With this increase in the consumption tax rate, a cashless point return system for small and medium-sized stores was also introduced.

According to Coiny, which provides credit cards and transportation electronic money payment terminals to retailers nationwide, the number of payments compared to the same period last month is the number of uses from the 1st to 6th of this month when the system started. It was 42% and the amount increased by 20%.

The company says, “It has grown significantly compared to the past, and the impact of the start of the system is large.”

Even with smartphone payments, the number of “PayPay” registrants exceeded 15 million as of the first day of this month, increasing 1.5 times compared to two months ago, and “Rakuten Pay” downloaded the app on the first day of this month. It means that the number of people increased about 10 times compared to one month ago.

On the other hand, at Rakuten Pay on the 2nd of this month, it became difficult to settle for about 20 minutes due to the concentration of usage, and PayPay also had trouble such as being unable to pay with a credit card from 5th to 6th of this month. .

To further spread cashless payments, it is important to prevent such troubles and improve reliability.