The 2019 Wealth Migration Report, published by AfrAsia Bank, provides insights gathered in partnership with New World Wealth on wealth migration worldwide. Wealth trends in 90 countries and 150 cities, including all major markets, were studied to build this report. Accordingly, the total private wealth that exists around the world amounted to about $ 204 trillion. The global wealth migration accelerated in 2018, with nearly 108,000 millionaires migrating last year, compared with 95,000 in 2017. The United States remains the world's largest wealth market. With Australia outperforming the United States as the world's most attractive country for millionaires. In the Middle East, the UAE is a favorite destination for millionaires. Dubai topped the most attractive cities for millionaires and the most populous city. Most of the countries where millions of people are flocking are English-speaking countries.

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