Olympic attack response training for the Olympics The Financial Services Agency and financial institutions jointly on October 3 at 16:03

In preparation for next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, there are concerns about cyber attacks targeting important infrastructure, so the FSA and financial institutions jointly trained to prevent attacks.

The FSA has been conducting training for cyber attacks jointly with financial institutions for three years, and this time, it started with a schedule of three to seven days, with the largest number of 120 companies participating so far. It was.

During the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Japan's important infrastructure may become a target of cyber attacks, and if financial institutions are attacked, they will not be able to conduct financial transactions, including withdrawals from ATMs. This could have a serious impact on economic activity.

The training begins with a hacker group foretelling crimes three days before the start of the Olympics, and causes damage to the system by sending virus damage and large amounts of data through the PC of employees who opened suspicious emails. This corresponds to the damage that the payment system stops due to the “DDoS attack”.

In the meeting room of the Financial Services Agency, the staff in charge instructed financial institutions participating in the training by telephone or email.

The FSA wants to strengthen its preparation for cyber attacks, including financial institutions that did not participate this time, by notifying industry groups of the training results.