It is noted that according to the data presented by the Bank of Russia at the advisory council on the development of the national payment system, from June to August, the regulator sent telecom operators information on more than 2.5 thousand phone numbers from which calls were received from bank customers.

As specified, in 218 cases a number was blocked in response to messages from the Central Bank, in 59 cases restrictions were imposed on the use of financial services, and in 198 cases it was possible to identify a substitution of a bank number.

Moreover, according to the materials of the regulator, in more than 2 thousand cases, it was refused to take measures “due to the lack of legal grounds”.

Earlier, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that fraudsters use a new type of telephone deception under the guise of representatives of Russian banks to debit funds from customer accounts.

The head of the Cybersecurity Agency, a member of the expert council of the State Duma committee on information policy, information technology and communications, Yevgeny Lifshits, commented on this message in an interview with RT.