Automatic deletion of recorded voice New AI speaker released US Amazon September 26 9:20 has launched a new AI speaker with a function that automatically deletes recorded audio in order to enhance user privacy protection. held a presentation at the headquarters in Seattle, Western USA on the 25th, and unveiled a new model of the AI ​​speaker “Echo” operated by voice.

This product is equipped with a function that automatically deletes the user's voice recorded through the speaker when more than 3 months or 1 and a half years have passed.

Until now, there was a function that allows users to specify and delete audio, but the company says that new functions can save users trouble and strengthen privacy protection.

This product has been released worldwide in anticipation of the year-end sales season, and reservations have started in Japan on the 26th.

“The voice of users who want to control their own voice is increasing year by year,” says Dave Limp, senior vice president of

The earphone type has been introduced to the AI ​​speaker market operated by voice, and not only Amazon but also Google and Apple have entered the competition.