The Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) today unveiled the new design of the Dubai Diamond Exchange (Bourse) Tender Hall, which has undergone extensive renovation.
The tender hall has 41 fully secured tables with surveillance cameras, advanced technology solutions and special lighting systems, and is the largest tender hall of its kind in the world. With the opening of the new hall, the DME can accommodate 200 buyers and host multiple tenders simultaneously.
The DIFX remains the only one in the Middle East to be accredited by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. The modernization and expansion of the tender hall is expected to result in a significant increase in the number of diamond tenders to be organized in Dubai, as well as an increase in diamond sales and trade flows across the emirate.
“The DME continues to establish itself as the ideal partner for industry professionals who want to inspect, buy and sell diamonds and precious stones,” said Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chief Executive Officer and CEO of DMCC. Over the years, the exchange has gained support and confidence among diamond buyers and sellers thanks to its professional trading environment, strict regulatory standards and strong safety procedures, and today it is one of the most reliable diamond exchanges in the region and beyond. ”
The tender hall provides ideal conditions for the trade of colored gemstones by providing solutions to the technical problems facing the trade in Dubai, as most buildings in the emirate use colored windows. For this reason, the Dubai Diamond Exchange is equipped with white crystal windows to enable potential buyers to view and evaluate colored stones without worrying about light reflections. As a result, the bourse will now be able to host sapphire tenders in different shades.
Bin Sulayem added: “As we continue to move forward, our priority is to constantly upgrade our infrastructure, services and products to maintain the status of DMCC and Dubai in general as one of the largest and most important diamond trading centers in the world. We are confident that having the largest diamond tender hall in the world will support our efforts. ”
Dubai is aiming to become the world's largest diamond trading center by 2023. The emirate has built a strong reputation in the industry, with diamond trade growing from almost zero in the late 1990s to $ 3.6 billion in 2003, before rising to $ 25 billion. In 2018.