The government is struggling to implement the reduction of home help for seniors, a measure that causes embarrassment and boondoggles in the majority.

The measure is controversial: the government wants to plan the tax benefit on home care for the elderly. Embarrassment in the majority and scrambling at the top.

This measure goes wrong. The ministers of Bercy, themselves, were not aware that she was in the pipes. And of course, the Federation of Private Employers is upwind and denounces a "scam". What is it about ? Today, an individual over the age of 70 who employs a home-based employee is totally exempt from employer contributions. There are more than 800,000 people in this case. What does the government propose? To reserve this total exemption from employer's charges to dependent elderly people. The others, those who are healthy, would be housed in the same way as everyone else: a tax credit of 50% on wages when one employs an employee at home, but no exemption from social charges.

Clearly, it is a measure of economy justified by the fact that it is necessary to put more money on the dependency?

Exactly. From this point of view, it is coherent and justified. We do not see why we would exempt a healthy pensioner who employs a gardener or a driver, for example. It is better to put the package, on the other hand, on aid to dependents who, they are well below the needs. This is how the government justifies the planing of this famous tax advantage, which should save 300 million euros to finance dependency. We understand logic. But for private employers and their employees, this is bad news. A little pedagogy on the part of our government-technocrats would not have been useless.