The total number of new licenses issued during August 2019 reached 2,650, according to the Business Traffic Report issued by the Dubai Economic Registration and Licensing Sector.

According to a statement issued yesterday that the new licenses contributed to the addition of 8187 jobs to the labor market, while those licenses were distributed on several activities, led by «professional activities» by 65.6%, «commercial» 32.2%, and «tourism» 1.7%, And «industrial» 0.5%.

Total transactions

The report pointed out that the total registration and licensing transactions completed during August 2019 amounted to 21,249 thousand transactions.

Outsourcing centers located in various regions in Dubai have completed 15,349 transactions, which constitute 72% of the total transactions, which shows the vital role of these centers in providing outstanding services to the public, as these figures reflect the efforts of the Dubai economy to provide value-added services to customers in order to facilitate Doing business.

According to the report, the process of booking trade names amounted to 3452 procedures, and the number of initial approvals 2954 procedures, while the total number of commercial permits in August 2019 to 1,023 permits, which confirms the attractiveness of Dubai for those wishing to do business activities on the one hand, and increase the confidence of businessmen with durability Local economy.

Renewal Transactions

The total number of renewal transactions reached 8,646 transactions, including 4282 renewal transactions for commercial licenses automatically through text messages, which constitutes 50% of the total transactions.

The number of instant licenses issued in one step without signing, for the first year, and exemption from the establishment contract for the same period 160 licenses, while the number of «license» dealer license 191.

As for the distribution of new licenses by nationality, Bangladesh came first, followed by India, Pakistan, Egypt, Britain, China, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan and the United States.

Licenses by Region

The Business Traffic Report highlighted the distribution of new licenses in August 2019 by main regions in Dubai, where Deira had the largest share with a total of 1,518 licenses, followed by Bur Dubai 1129 and Hatta with three new business licenses. . The report showed the distribution of new licenses to the top 10 sub-regions, which accounted for 86.7% of all regions. Al Garhoud came first (15.2%), followed by Burj Khalifa (14.4%), Oud Al Muteena (14.2%), Al Fahidi (8.6%), Al Muraqqabat (8.6%) and Port Saeed (8.2%). Maitha promises (7.1%), Al Khabaisi (5.7%), Al Marar (2.8%) and Nayef (1.9%).