Thursday, the Minister of Economy Bruno Mayor said to ensure that "there is no unjustified increase in gas prices at the pump."

The government will ensure that there is no increase "unjustified" prices of fuels and heating oil, announced Thursday Bruno Le Maire. He has ruled out any return to a "floating" tax. "In the coming months and days, we will ensure that distributors and oil companies keep their commitment to pass prices down when oil prices fall and there is no unjustified increase in oil prices. gasoline at the pump, "he said at a press briefing after a meeting with industry professionals.

An investigation conducted by the DGCCRF

"I asked the Directorate General of Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) to conduct a survey on the prices of heating oil to ensure that there is no windfall effect of the from some, "he said.

Oil prices had flamed earlier this week following attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, before declining. "The price of oil today is back to what we knew for the last few weeks, $ 63 a barrel, so there is no reason for a price increase at the pump and no reason that there is an increase in the price of heating oil, "said Bruno Le Maire. "We will verify that indeed there is no upward repercussions that would be unjustified by distributors or tankers," he insisted.

The floating TICPE, "no public money well spent"

The government has "the means to cope" in the event of a new outbreak, he said, citing the energy check and the lack of a carbon tax increase in 2020 and "other instruments", unspecified . The minister, however, dismissed the return in the future of a "floating" tax, as between 2000 and 2002 under the government of Lionel Jospin, to reduce prices at the pump in case of soaring prices.

"There is a lot of talk about the floating TICPE, I just want to give some figures: if we want to lower the price of fuel by three cents per liter, that means not much, we have to spend three billion euros" Bruno Le Maire said. "I do not think it's public money that is well spent, with a billion euros you can increase the conversion premium so that people can buy electric vehicles, build renewable energy, fund research on renewable energy storage ... I think it's better money, "he concluded.