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Telefónica and Atresmedia join Netflix to create a giant of film and series production


Telefónica and Atresmedia come together to create a film and television series production company in Spanish. The telecommunications multinational and the audiovisual operator

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Telefónica and Atresmedia come together to create a film and television series production company in Spanish. The telecommunications multinational and the audiovisual operator, which controls Antena 3 and La Sexta, are preparing to sign an agreement that would generate a large study willing to stand up to foreign giants such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and other international platforms for disembarking in this country, as is the case with Apple TV and Disney +.

This agreement, which can be carried out by EL MUNDO, will allow the production of series and films both for Telefónica's television platform, Movistar +, and for Atresmedia's channels, although the real advance of this ambitious alliance is that together they can place productions designed for other televisions from all over the world The rubric to constitute this Spanish production giant is already imminent. The company will be 50% owned by the two companies.

The conversations, followed by this newspaper in its different stages, began almost a year ago and, after the interruption of this summer, it was definitively channeled last week . The next chapter of Spanish fiction is already a reality; Playback is ready while waiting for the play .

Through a joint venture , this content company will be created in Spanish with a global vocation, once the interest of foreign corporations in the Spanish market, language and talent has been demonstrated. This new study looks in the mirror of those established in the North West Coast and positions the Spanish industry in full swing of streaming services.

'La peste', the greatest fiction to date of Movistar + .EM

José María-Álvarez Pallete, president of Telefónica, and José Creuheras, his counterpart at Atresmedia, have welcomed an operation that turns the audiovisual scene around. The day-to-day negotiations have been developed by Sergio Oslé , president of Movistar +; Emilio Gayo , president of Telefónica Spain; Javier Bardají , general director of Atresmedia Televisión; and Silvio González , CEO of Atresmedia. Spanish pay-TV and open-air television seem to have reached sufficient maturity to join forces and compete with the entertainment giants from the United States. Atresmedia Studios, producer of the open operator, would be expected to integrate into the resulting company.

«In the television in open and of payment we have to work together much more. It's the future. Collaborating benefits us all and so far we have done very little, ”said Oslé in an interview with this newspaper.

Telefónica, together with Netflix

The collaborative spirit of this alliance seems to fit with the latest movements of Telefónica, which has signed different agreements with international aims. Last January, the telecommunications company announced from Miami a strategic agreement to co-produce with Telemundo International, established in the US and a reference series and series in Spanish. That division of the NBC Universal conglomerate guaranteed the exclusivity of rights for the United States, while Telefónica preserved them for Spain and, above all, opened a way to introduce its productions to the other side of the Atlantic, especially in Latin American countries to which Telemundo provides content in Spanish.

In April, Movistar + announced that Colombia and Peru would be the first territories for that exploration with Telemundo, the same week in which Telefónica forged another alliance with the German company Beta Film. The European production and distribution giant had already commercialized Movistar + original series for different territories such as El embarcadero and La zona .

This line of collaborations has gained momentum during the Álvarez-Pallete stage as executive president of Telefónica, and Oslé as head of Movistar +. As a turning point, it is worth recalling the pact reached last year by the Spanish platform to integrate Netflix, despite the bitter precedent rivalry.

Apple and Disney, in the 'all against all'

Establishing relationships with rivals does not mean giving in to their claims. In the talks of the directors of Telefónica and Atresmedia it has not been possible to ignore at any time the impact that Netflix has had on the market. However, the streaming leader faces some difficult months: competition will intensify and often at lower prices. In November, on day 1 Apple will activate its television in the US at only $ 4.99 per month, and on the 12th Disney + will enter to compete with a catalog of enormous proportions, in which you can find the contents of Pixar, the ones starring Marvel superheroes and all of the iconic Star Wars space saga. The audiovisual competition is no longer fought in a galaxy far, far away; also in Spain.

Emilio Gayo, president of Telefónica España (left.), And Silvio González, CEO of Atresmedia.EM

'The paper house', the first stone of the factory

The paper house , which was built at the Atresmedia facility and aired on Antena 3, later became Netflix's most successful series among lighting outside North America. Spanish creators have taken advantage of a good press that lasted for years to finally show their creations through the new windows that have appeared in the audiovisual landscape. The following steps could be foreseen: Spanish platforms and operators are also repositioned in this new stage of connected televisions and consumption on demand. Álex Pina, architect of La casa de papel , involuntarily forms one of the first stones of the new factory that Telefónica and Atresmedia will raise. His series The Pier was devised at Atresmedia Studios and, instead of being broadcast on Antena 3, it was sold to Movistar +. This pioneering experience seems to have convinced the once rivals, who from now on will jointly create fiction content in Spanish for everyone.

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