Yokohama route bus rear-end collision driver Partially denied the prosecution contents September 18 19:01

In October of last year, a bus that crashed into a passenger car in Yokohama City killed a senior high school student. The driver's trial was held and the driver denied some of the charges, such as where he was sick.

Last October, a route bus collided with a roadside pillar and a passenger car in front of a national highway in Yokohama, and a high school boy who was on the bus died and four passengers were seriously injured. It was.

Defendant Heibun (51), who was a bus driver, said that he was unable to pay attention to the front due to his poor physical condition, but he did not stop driving. I was charged at home for wounds.

In the trial held at the Yokohama District Court, the defendant said that the place where he was said to be in poor health was said to be "not enough to drive normally at the indicated location" Was denied.

The prosecution said, “Although the defendant had previously lost his consciousness due to blurred vision in his life, he continued driving with the expectation that his poor physical condition would soon be resolved.” I pointed out.

Furthermore, I read a statement from the mother about the boy who died, saying, “My son wanted to be a doctor since he was in nursery school.