Dubai: Lotus Motor Company today launched an electric sports car at a price of AED 9.15 million with a power of 2,000 horsepower.

"The new Evaya is made from lightweight carbon fiber materials and is powered by a large capacity battery that enables the car to travel more than 380 kilometers in a single charge," said Phil Bobam, CEO of the company.

"Only 130 Evaya vehicles will be produced globally," Bobam told Emirates Today on the sidelines of a press conference held at Lotus headquarters in Dubai. For customers after the production of special specifications in the second half of next year, at a global price of up to two million pounds sterling ».

He added that «the company has allocated 120 million pounds for the production line of the new car, which is the fastest and lightest electric car in the world now».

He pointed out that «UAE leads the Middle East in the sales of luxury sports cars, accounting for 50% of the sales of (Lotus) sports cars in the region».

Adamas Motors, the official Lotus dealer in the UAE, Karl Heimer, said: “The company has chosen Dubai as the region's premier platform for the launch of the new car.” "It's 100 kilometers per hour in less than three seconds, and from zero to 300 kilometers in less than nine seconds."

He pointed out that «target to sell about 15 cars (model Evaya) in the UAE, to begin production and delivery to customers during the next year», pointing out that «the number of cars (Lotus) in the UAE of all models, ranging between 180 and 200 Car now ».