Bank of Japan today monetary policy decision meeting September 18th 4:21

The BOJ will meet for two days from the 18th to discuss future monetary policy. The Bank of Japan's response is attracting attention as monetary easing moves around the world to respond to the economic slowdown.

The BOJ will hold a monetary policy meeting for two days on the 18th and 19th, discuss the domestic and foreign economies, and decide on the current monetary policy.

The central banks of the world are heading to monetary easing in light of trade disputes between the US and China and the economic slowdown in Europe. It was.

The FRB / Federal Reserve Board, the central bank in the United States, will decide on its policy before the BOJ on the 19th early in Japan time.

There is an opinion within the BOJ that although Japan's exports and production do not fluctuate due to the effects of trade friction, it is not necessary to change the policy because the economy is still expanding moderately.

At the meeting, the policy is to decide the response after carefully discussing the FRB response, financial market trends, and the impact of the consumption tax rate approaching next month on the economy.

The Bank of Japan has shown a willingness to take additional monetary easing measures if necessary, but there are indications that further mitigation could hit pension management and financial institution management at low interest rates. We will also discuss measures to reduce this.