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European stock price drop Concern about future outlook on Saudi oil facility attack | NHK News


Europe's main stock market on the 16th has been worried about the future following an attack on oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia, and stock prices will drop ...

European stock price drop Concern about future prospects of Saudi oil facility attack September 16 18:43

On the 16th, the main European stock market has fallen due to concerns about the future following an attack on Saudi oil-related facilities.

In Europe's stock market, which began trading on the 16th of the week from the evening of Japan time on the 16th of Japan time, movements to avoid risks spread due to concerns about the supply of crude oil and the future of the Middle East. As a result, the stock market index for major markets as of 6:00 pm Japan time has dropped by about 0.6% in the Frankfurt market in Germany and by 0.5% in the Paris market compared to the closing price last weekend.

On the other hand, the London market is almost the same level as last weekend. Also, in the London foreign exchange market, there is a movement to sell dollars and buy yen, and the yen exchange rate is slightly higher than last weekend, with the dollar being in the lower 107 yen range.

Market participants said, “Since crude oil supply from Saudi Arabia has a large impact on the global economy, many investors are trying to determine how fast oil facilities can be restored. Concerns about further growth are growing. "

Russia Energy Minister “Sufficient stockpile for the world”

Russia's Novak Energy Minister, one of the world's largest oil-producing countries, said on September 19 that attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil-related facilities are “the world has enough commercial reserves to make up for the short-term crude oil shortage. However, there is no need to take any urgent action, ”he called for a calm response to the market.

On the other hand, he said, “How long will the damage to facilities affect crude oil production,” and expressed his desire to contact the government of Saudi Arabia to determine the impact on crude oil production.

Source: nhk

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