Banks operating in the country today sent letters to their clients warning them of fraudsters disguised as bank representatives to deceive customers.

Those scammers ask customers to complete a loan / credit card application and provide a "security check." The fraudster then fills the check in the presence of the customer with a magic pen (a pen with erasable ink) and asks the customer to sign the check.

Later, the fraudster changes the details of the beneficiary and the amount mentioned in the check written in the magic pen and erases those details without leaving a trace. The check is then issued by the bank by another party.

These banks set out tips for the customer to follow as one of the banks' representatives came to sell a credit card or personal loan

Ask the delegate for identification and check the photo ID.

• Do not deliver a blank warranty check. Please fill in all the details in the check including the beneficiary name (which must be the name of the bank) and the amount in your pen.

• Do not use the pens provided by the other party to fill the check data.

• If you are in doubt, contact the bank on the fixed telephone number and make sure that the representative is already working for the bank he claims to represent.

Additionally, please note that banks will never ask you to share your bank details or access a link via email to receive a prize, refund or update your account details to avoid closure. Please do not respond with such information to any e-mail, SMS or Whatsapp message that you claim is from the bank.