Confirmed joint development with 4K8K technology with China “Japan-China Economic Association” delegation September 11 22:20

The delegation of “Japan-China Economic Association” visiting China met with senior executives of the Chinese government in charge of information and telecommunications fields on the 11th, and the technology related to 4K8K toward the start of next-generation communication standards and 5G services. We confirmed that we would work on development jointly.

In a meeting with executives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in charge of the information and telecommunications industry in China, on behalf of the delegation, Chairman Nobuyuki Koga, President of Nobuyuki Koga said, “In China, the digital economy is developing rapidly. “There is a lot of room for cooperation in terms of technology and human resource development.”

After that, we exchanged opinions on the current state of new industrial fields such as the development of next-generation automobiles such as AI using AI = artificial intelligence and automated driving.

During the meeting, the Chinese side introduced the 4K8K technology development, which features high image quality, in preparation for the full-scale launch of the next generation communication standard “5G”. Confirmed to work on strengthening the development of new technologies and services.

The delegation of the Japan-China Economic Association will come to a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Lee Keqiang to exchange opinions on strengthening cooperation in the economic field.