Three days after the shutdown of the airline, offers of occasions, often partial, could be presented Monday. Because the company, despite its difficulties, do not lack assets.

Decisive day for the 1,150 employees of Aigle Azur. The company has been off since Friday night - a few thousand passengers are still looking for solutions. Throughout the weekend, the files of potential buyers have been studied by the Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring, in charge of helping companies in difficulty. The offers, if they are strong enough, will be presented at an Extraordinary Works Council Monday afternoon. Several buyers of Aigle Azur "have shown interest," says Le Parisien Secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. And these are French solutions that hold the rope.

Aigle Azur does not look great, but it has assets that interest several airlines. The most important are the slots, the slots available at Orly airport. Aigle Azur has 10,000 and they are worth gold, for example for a company like Air France, which has no desire to see European competitors recover. Another argument that makes Air France a more than credible buyer: the French number 1 needs to recruit pilots, mechanics, aircrew.

"We do not know the precise amount of the debts"

However, do not expect a full takeover offer. "It would be too risky" says one internally, "we do not know the precise amount of debts" Aigle Azur. Air France has made several offers, the main target medium-haul, especially for its profitable lines to Algeria. The long haul and its 2 A330 could perhaps come to supplement the fleet of the Dubreuil group, owner of Air Caraïbes.

This sale is feared by some pilots, less by the CFDT Aigle Azur, especially if these occasions are accompanied by guarantees for employees. How much will be taken back under what conditions? These questions will be at the heart of the discussions that will start on Monday.