House purchase refusal due to consumption tax increase Slightly smaller than the previous tax increase Sekisui House September 6, 6:57

While attention has been focused on the effects of refraining from buying due to an increase in the consumption tax rate, “Sekisui House”, a major housing maker, has shown that the decrease in orders for detached houses is only small compared to the previous five-year tax increase. It was.

Due to the government's measures to raise the consumption tax rate for detached houses, the tax rate to be paid at the time of purchase will remain at 8% even if the contract is delivered by the end of March. .

Sekisui House revealed changes in the order value of detached houses in line with the announcement of financial results on the 5th.

According to this, it was confirmed that the situation in February was 6% higher than the same month of the previous year and 14% in March, and it was confirmed that it was a last-minute demand.

After that, the order amount decreased by 3% in April and 1% in May, when government measures were not applied, and increased by 1% in June, but again decreased by 3% in July.

However, when the consumption tax rate was raised five years ago, a significant decrease of about 20% was observed, indicating that the decrease in orders was only modest compared to that time.

Sekisui House's vice chairman Shiro Inagaki said at the press conference, “I am not worried about future orders because there will be tax measures after the tax increase next month.”