BOJ Kataoka Committee Member September 4th, 20:05

The Bank of Japan's Deputy Board Member Kataoka Kataoka met in Hakodate City on the 4th and recognized that the BOJ should immediately take additional monetary easing measures as risk factors for the global economy are increasing.

BOJ's Kataoka committee members exchanged opinions on the local economy and monetary policy with the mayor of Toshiki Kudo and local economic officials in Hakodate City.

Following the press conference, Mr. Kataoka said, “With the UK's withdrawal from the EU and trade disputes between the United States and China in mind, the risk factors of the global economy are increasing and the need for policy responses is emerging.”

After that, "Judging by seeing the impact on prices will make you act after confirming that the economy will deteriorate. You need to do it before that happens." In order to achieve the% price target, the Bank of Japan showed that it should promptly make additional monetary easing.

The BOJ will hold a monetary policy decision meeting on the 18th and 19th of this month to determine the immediate policy, and the committee member Kataoka will also attend.

“In addition to major countries, central banks in Asian countries are also cutting the direction of monetary easing. These policies can have a certain positive effect on the global economy, so I would like to make a decision.” He stated that he wanted to attend the meeting while monitoring the trends of the central banks in each country.