Dubai could serve as a platform for Rwanda's exports to the Middle East and Asia, with its huge potential for re-export and its advanced infrastructure, particularly in the area of ​​transport, air and sea freight, investors and officials said.

Investors who participated in the Partnership Forum organized by the Dubai Export Development Corporation, one of Dubai's economic institutions in the Rwandan capital Kigali, pointed out that Dubai has proved to be a gateway to Africa's exports to the world, and that Rwandan companies that participated in the forum are looking forward to cooperate with companies. The UAE's trade mission to Kigali has been successful and has achieved its objectives, he said.

Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) called on the participants to intensify their cooperation with UAE companies, noting that they are ready to provide all forms of support and assistance.

Bilateral actions

Omar Al Ghafli, Acting Senior Director of Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC), confirmed that the bilateral business meetings held by UAE companies participating in the trade mission to Kigali were positive, as they provided insight into the requirements of the Rwandan market and the mechanisms of doing business in the country. He pointed out that the businessmen participating in the mission discussed the opportunities of cooperation with a group of Rwandan companies that import several goods and products, in addition to the possibility of cooperation in the field of services, and benefit from the experience of the UAE companies and the high quality Ongoing Premium.

Al-Ghafli pointed out that the intensity of the turnout of businessmen and officials of Rwandan companies, during the partnership forum organized within the activities of the mission, reflects the prestigious reputation enjoyed by UAE companies and products.

He pointed out that Rwanda, in light of the rapid economic and investment developments, provides a promising market for exporters and investors in the UAE, in addition to the possibility of taking advantage of its geographical location and the facilities it offers to foreign investors and its headquarters for distribution and expansion in the markets of Central and East Africa.

New markets

Khalid Rashid Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of MBN Holding, said: “Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) is playing a major role in moving companies from local to global by opening new markets and creating international partnerships. The mission represented an opportunity to discover the Rwandan market, and the presence of Emirati businessmen and investors under the leadership of the Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) cut short a lot of effort and effort to discover the opportunities that African markets can offer.

He pointed out that «the mission was an ideal opportunity to discover this developed African country, especially as African markets are characterized by rapid growth, which makes businessmen looking forward to more similar missions to other African countries».

Khaled Obaid Abdullah Hassan Al Balooshi, Chairman of Raiq Security & Safety Equipment Company, said: “External missions organized by the Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC) are of particular importance to UAE businessmen, especially as it gives companies operating locally to explore international markets. He pointed to the opportunities provided by the mission in the specialization of the company, which is the installation and maintenance of fire equipment and the trade of fire equipment and supplies, praising the efforts of the Rwandan government to increase transparency in dealing with foreign investors. H the opportunity for international companies to invest in the country to achieve a growth rate pointing. »

Business Opportunities

“The mission has succeeded in exploring potential commercial opportunities in Rwanda,” said NRG Food and Beverage General Manager, Ramadan Bin Amro. “He is working in the field of food packaging, including tea and coffee. One of the world's most important countries in the production of tea and coffee, which is a strong basis for building a base of trade cooperation and the conclusion of deals with companies producing in Rwanda ».

He explained that during the bilateral meetings with companies from Rwanda, the potential of Dubai as a platform for the export of Rwandan tea and coffee to a number of markets in the Middle East and Asia, with the possibilities of logistics and facilities to give investors in the field of start-up and start-up companies.

He said that the meetings will continue after the end of the Forum, where a number of other meetings will be held during which will discuss ways of cooperation in the field of food packaging and tea production in several flavors, where the platforms can be used «Expo 2020 Dubai» to promote products of Rwandan origin with the companies that will participate At the Expo, the most important Expo since its launch.

Emad Al Hassouni, General Manager of Superior Technology, said that he attended the meeting in search of companies working in the field of telecommunications and information technology, where he was able to meet with a number of officials in local companies in Rwanda. Rwandan telecommunications companies, and the meetings are a starting point for the start of future cooperation with the Rwandan market in the coming period.

The population of Rwanda

Omar al-Ghafli, Acting Senior Director of Dubai Export Development Corporation (DEDC), confirmed that Rwanda's population is 12.1 million, and the youth segment constitutes 70% of the total population. The country's gross domestic product (GDP) registered a CAGR of 7.5% over the past ten years. "This is the second fastest growing economy in Africa, according to specialized international reports and official government data, while the per capita GDP reaches 774 dollars per capita."