Saudi National Oil Company Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange and Reported August 30 6:13

The largest IPO in history, a state-owned oil company in Saudi Arabia that is aiming for initial public offering, is considering the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a major overseas listing, said a leading American newspaper. However, there are still skepticism about the stock listing and it is still unclear whether it will be realized.

The leading American newspaper “Wall Street Journal” said that Saudi Aramco, a state-run oil company in Saudi Arabia, is considering to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange next year. I told you.

The stock markets in London, Hong Kong, and New York have been regarded as prominent so far, but the Tokyo Stock Exchange has suddenly emerged as the respective risks, such as the UK withdrawal problem and the protests in Hong Kong, have not been dispelled. It means that.

This plan was led by Crown Prince Mohammad in Saudi Arabia, and has attracted attention as the “largest IPO in history” aiming for a market capitalization of 200 trillion yen after listing.

However, the adjustment with the stock market in each country has been difficult, and there is a view that the market capitalization does not reach the 200 trillion yen scale that was initially expected.

Saudi Aramco has been pursuing acquisitions and investment plans for oil-related companies in order to increase its corporate value for listing, but there is a deep skepticism about the realization of stock listing itself. It is still unclear whether listing will be realized.