The price is determined by the customer New system Housework agency etc. to introduce August 30th 4:04

A payment system company in Tokyo has developed a mechanism that allows customers to decide the price according to the level of satisfaction with the services used by consumers. A company that handles housekeeping and beauty salons is planning to introduce it, and is likely to attract attention as a new method for setting prices.

The mechanism was created at “Net Protections” in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, which is developing a payment system.

Under the new system, the service is determined by the satisfaction and quality of the service used by the consumer, and the fee is determined and paid to the service provider from the smartphone.

There is a minimum fee set, so you can see how much other users have paid when deciding what to pay.

According to the company, this is the first time in Japan that eight companies are planning to introduce beauty salons, lodging facilities, housekeeping services, and businesses that rent clothes.

“The way people feel value is diversifying and it is not appropriate for the time to decide the price uniformly. It is a mechanism that both consumers and companies can convince. I want to do it. "

New methods such as “dynamic pricing”, which changes prices according to supply and demand, and “subscription” for flat-rate services are spreading around how to determine the price of goods and services.

Users are convinced that the company is also an opportunity

A housekeeping agency company in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, which has introduced a new mechanism for users to decide on the rate, wants to improve the quality of its services.

The company charges 9000 yen for a 3-hour service for the initial fee, and in addition to this, it costs transportation costs and taxes.

In the new system, the minimum fee is set to 5000 yen, and the user decides how much to add to it and pay.

Sanae Terashima (71), who lives in Tokyo, decided the price for the first time after having the company clean the water and living room.

Mr. Terashima highly appreciated five items, such as caring for staff and housekeeping skills, and added 4300 yen to the minimum fee of 5000 yen.
Apart from this, transportation costs and taxes will be charged.

Mr. Terashima said, “I think it's very interesting that my opinions can be reflected in the price. The price will change because the fee we think is appropriate depending on the ability of the service provider and the economic power of the user. May be natural. "

The housekeeping service company hopes to increase the number of users with a new system, and also wants to reflect user evaluations in employee education and improve service quality.

“I think it ’s a message to us and a lot of people to try it out,” said Shoko Hattori, director of the Bears Marketing Division.