Consumption tax increase 3 cigarettes to raise prices August 29, 4:02

With the increase in the consumption tax rate in October, "British American Tobacco Japan" will raise the main brands such as "Kent" and "Lucky Strike" from 10 yen to 20 yen per box became.

"British American Tobacco Japan" decided to raise 80 brands including cigarettes and heated cigarettes from October 1 with the consumption tax rate increase to 10%, etc. Applied to the Ministry of Finance.

The price increases are 10 to 20 yen per box for the main brands.
▽ "Kent" is now 450 yen to 460 yen,
▽ "Cool" is 480 yen to 490 yen,
▽ For “Lucky Strike”, 500 yen will be 520 yen.
For heated cigarettes,
▽ "Neo" will be 500 yen from the current 490 yen.

The company will raise the price from October 1 if the application is approved.

With the increase in the consumption tax rate, “JT” = Japan Tobacco Industry and “Philip Morris Japan” will also raise the main brands from October 1.