Dubai economy has called on car rental offices to improve their services to reduce consumer complaints, pointing out that the car rental sector is one of the most vital sectors supporting Dubai's economy, especially for tourism activities.

She stressed the importance of taking the necessary steps that will increase the satisfaction rate of customers with the sector, and reduce the number of consumer complaints received by the Department of Consumer Protection because of the lack of compliance with some offices to work controls in the car rental sector.

According to data issued by the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector in Dubai's economy, the complaints of tourists during the first half of this year, mostly focused against car rental offices. The data showed that the number of complaints submitted by tourists who visited Dubai during the first half of this year amounted to 2312 complaints, pointing out that 38% of those complaints were against car rental companies. In addition, officials from the Department of Consumer Protection in the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector held a meeting with representatives of 10 major car rental companies in the emirate of Dubai to discuss the challenges facing consumers and work to reduce them.

She said that during the meeting, the most prominent cases that lead to consumer dissatisfaction and led them to file complaints against the car rental offices, which include delays in returning the car rental guarantee amounts, non-compliance with the terms of the agreement between the leasing company and the consumer, in addition to various other cases.

Ahmed Al Zaabi, Director of Consumer Protection at Dubai Economy, told Emirates Today that the Consumer Protection Department is seeking to work with private sector companies to improve the consumer experience and reduce complaints in the car rental sector as it is a vital sector, especially for tourists coming. To the state. Al-Zaabi pointed to the increasing complaints against the car rental sector from consumers and tourists, as it is one of the main sectors and services related to tourism activity.

Al Zaabi added that the meeting was a brainstorming session with officials in major car rental companies, to work on studying the best ways to ensure increased consumer satisfaction and reduce complaints received, by finding regulatory solutions that improve the service of car rental and consumer experience in this vital sector, and ensure the preservation of rights in time Himself.

Al-Zaabi stressed the importance of ensuring consumers, especially tourists, of the terms and conditions of car rental and not rush to contract with informal intermediaries that may mislead them with attractive prices, but then discover that the consumer has conditions that are difficult to adhere to, or face other problems such as delays in the return Security.

Al Zaabi called on companies to take the necessary steps to improve corporate services, implement initiatives that will enhance the competitiveness of the car rental sector in Dubai, increase transparency in local markets and develop the culture of the dealer and awareness of consumer rights, so that it establishes Dubai as an ideal business environment and the best shopping destination in the world.


Ahmed Al Zaabi, Director of Consumer Protection at the Dubai Economic Department, said that consumers can file complaints through the Dubai Consumer application, through the website, or by calling the Consumer Complaints Department at (600545555).