NY stock starts with price rise August 26th 23:59 in view of resuming trade negotiations between the US and China

At the beginning of the week, the New York Stock Market will be repurchased in view of the resumption of trade negotiations between the United States and China, where the conflict has been fierce. The transaction has begun.

Although the Dow average stock price dropped by more than $ 600 last Friday due to intensifying trade friction between the United States and China, concerns declined as the US President Trump showed his intention to resume negotiations with China on the 26th. The movement to buy back the brands that have been purchased is ahead.

In the foreign exchange market, the yen buying trend has weakened, and as of 9:30 pm Japan time, the dollar is trading at the 106 yen level. However, market officials said, “Many investors are cautious when buying and selling while caring for President Trump ’s press conference, which will be held in parallel with the trading time.”