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[Friendly economy] lending at 'lowest interest rate'… Am I too?


Friendly economy, Kwon Ae-ri reporter. Reporter Kwon, you can change the loan you're paying at 1%, right after Chuseok next month? Yes. It is a loan that only needs to be paid from 1% to 2%.


Friendly economy, Kwon Ae-ri reporter. Reporter Kwon, you can change the loan you're paying at 1%, right after Chuseok next month?


Yes. It is a loan that only needs to be paid from 1% to 2%. It will be the lowest rate on the market right now. If I meet the conditions, the interest may go down to 1.2%.

Those who have the loans they are paying for will be able to change this and pay back the principal regularly while reducing the interest burden.

As interest on the bank keeps dropping, I told you once a month if you want to change your loan.

The financial authorities were preparing a policy product to lower the interest burden on commoners, and the details were announced yesterday (25th).

Interest rates are expected to range from 1.85 to 2.2% per year. You can choose a repayment period between 10 and 30 years, and the more you apply online and the shorter the repayment period, the lower the interest rate.

If you have been married for less than seven years, or if you are a multi-child or a so-called caring family such as a single-parent family, you may be able to apply two or more of these preferential rates to pay only 1.2%.

We will be applying for two weeks from September 16 to September 29, just after Chuseok, and will be screened for eligibility before the end of November.


Who can change this? I think there's a condition.


There are many ways. If you are looking at the table that I'm showing you from now on, please try it. This is an opportunity to change the loans from existing lenders, regardless of where they are in the banking sector.

I'm paying the variable rate or I'm mixed. This is for those who pay a fixed rate now, but whose interest rate changes before maturity.

However, it is unfortunate if you are paying back a loan at a fixed rate all the way to maturity or other policy financing, such as a home loan or stepping stone loan.

And there are income conditions. A married couple can earn less than 85 million won a year, or just one house. However, if you are newly married or have more than one child, you can receive up to 100 million won in combined income.

You can change up to 500 million won, which is also a huge benefit here. Nowadays, the biggest reason why you can't change even if interest rates are low is because many people can't borrow as much as they did before.

These people can change to looser conditions in the past. You pay up to 70% of your mortgage, or up to 60% of your principal and interest payments per year.

In addition, you may have to pay a prepayment fee to terminate your existing loan. You can also borrow that fee.

The principal and interest must be paid back evenly each month. If the debt is now 300 million won, the principal and interest are paid monthly at 3.16% annual interest in 20 years. Compared to this case, even if you get a new interest rate at the early 2% level, even if you have a mid-payment fee, your monthly payment will be reduced by 148,000 won.

It's been more than three years since I got a loan, which is about 163,000 won a month. But if the new interest is set at 1% or the existing interest is higher, you'll get a bigger benefit.


Yes, is it possible for a single home?


It is not. It is only housing less than 900 million won by market price. And you have to keep one house.

At such a low interest rate, the loan is changed, and the money that is bought is used to buy another house and become two houses. Then, I gave them a period of one year to become one house, and if they did not follow it, I decided to collect the loan.

Someone who remembers similar items. In 2015, 'reliable conversion loans' came in at the mid-2% rate to pay back the principals in a stable manner.

Since the market interest rate was higher than it is now, it was so popular that it first came out to 20 trillion won, and eventually increased to 32 trillion won.

This time, it will be released at 20 trillion won. If there are too many applicants, I decided to change the house prices first.

I hope that you can get it in advance and do not miss it. We will tell you how to apply before Chuseok again.

Source: sbskr

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