The Lease Dispute Resolution Center, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department, confirmed that the tenant's submission “is a petition” with the Center, as a guarantee to obtain his rental insurance, provided that it is handed over to the leased property as received from the landlord without damage.

The Center said in statements to «Emirates Today» that this mechanism allows dealers to apply to the judge of urgent and temporary procedures in which the tenant requests to review the wage and prove his condition.

In detail, the Chairman of the Center for Rent Dispute Resolution in Dubai, Judge Abdul Qader Moussa, said that «the submission of a tenant (an order on a petition) with the Center to obtain a guarantee of full rental, provided it is handed to the eye as received from the owner».

Moussa pointed out that the mechanism allows the filing of a request to the judge of urgent and temporary matters, in order to issue a time-binding procedure for both parties, where the (wage) and the damage in the leased eye is checked, and this is officially proven, and accordingly the tenant can recover his rental insurance in full delivery Eye without damage.

He pointed out that the tenant resort to such a procedure allows to resolve many of the differences between the landlord and the tenant, because of deductions from the landlord from the rental insurance, stressing that in the event of a dispute, the landlord is obliged to prove the existence of damages requiring deduction from the rental insurance, in case the tenant protest To deduct all or part of the rental insurance.

Moussa explained that «in return the tenant must leave the leased eye in the case received, in case he wants to recover the full amount of insurance at the end of the lease», adding that «the owner or his representative, is obliged to refund the full amount of insurance in the absence of repairs It calls for deductions, during the rental period ». He pointed out that the tenant to maintain the leased eye, but what is lacking as a result of normal consumption of the tenant, and in the event of disagreement of the parties to the Center, as these deductions are calculated at the discretion of the judge.

Moussa said that «Dubai's rent law provides that maintenance is a joint operation between the owner and the tenant, but varies depending on the size of maintenance, simple things are known to the tenant, such as damage to some sanitary ware, or some lighting lamps, while the large work "Like repairing air conditioning, water or electricity, it's the responsibility of the owner."

The Center added that «the request for a petition» costs the tenant about 20 dirhams, provided that the applicant to attach his official documents, including a copy of the lease expired, and copy of the identity card, and other documents related to the subject.