Hospitality officials revealed that local market hotels have started receiving early orders for long bookings from cohorts and companies participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, which is expected to attract 25 million visits over six months between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021.

`` We expect these orders to increase in the fourth quarter of 2019 as the global event, which will be popular with visitors and participants, is approaching, '' he said, adding that high demand levels during the exhibition will contribute to the increased demand for hospitality services in the UAE. They assured Emirates Today that the exhibition is a unique opportunity, and hosting Dubai will strengthen its position and its ability to attract visitors from all over the world.

Hotel Reservations

David Prince, regional vice president of Rotana Hotels Group, said that Dubai's hotels in Dubai have started to receive hotel bookings for next year from Expo 2020 Dubai.These are expected to increase in the fourth quarter of 2019. During the preparation period for the upcoming opening. He confirmed that Rotana is working closely with the Expo 2020 Dubai team to start marketing it, through international forums, through its offices and hotels around the world.

European market

Mohamed Awadallah, CEO of Time Hotels Group, said that the group has received requests from the European market for hotel bookings during the Expo 2020 Dubai, pointing out that part of the existing bookings is linked to the event at the moment, especially from Companies oversee the implementation of pavilions and meetings that take place from time to time under the arrangement of the international event.

Awadallah said that with the large number of international visitors expected to attend the event for six consecutive months, the hotel sector will record very high occupancy rates, pointing out that the high levels of demand will contribute to the increasing demand for hospitality services across the UAE.

Awadallah predicted that the percentage of hotel reservations related to the period of the exhibition will increase in the fourth quarter of this year, as well as the reservations related to the initial preparations before the start of the event.

Promote demand

A spokesman for Emaar Hospitality Group, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Expo 2020 Dubai will play an essential role in boosting demand for hotels and hospitality services and stimulate the growth of various economic sectors in light of the expectations that attract the event. Global over 25 million hits. “We are committed to promoting the event as the official hotel and hospitality partner,” he added.

He continued: “We have already started working towards delivering authentic local hospitality experiences, with a distinctive local character, in several places within the site of the event, including VIP lounges, in addition to highlighting the latest trends and innovations in the hospitality sector, and many initiatives that It will be launched at various hotels and restaurants in Dubai and we will also be responsible for providing the best services to the special cardholders to Expo 2020 Dubai. ”

Emaar Hospitality is keen to make every effort to provide exceptional hospitality services that will encourage visitors from all over the world to return to Dubai and the UAE once again. Dubai is one of the world's most open and technologically advanced cities.

Regiments and bookings

Moussa Al Hayek, Chief Operating Officer, Al Bustan Center & Residence, said: “We have started receiving a lot of orders starting in the second quarter of this year for long cohorts and bookings, and we expect to receive more orders in the coming months, from companies wishing to secure Residences for its employees and tourists alike. ”

Al Hayek said that Expo 2020 Dubai will bring a lot of opportunities and will be an excellent boost for the tourism and hospitality sector. .

Positive effect

Manuel Garcia, Managing Director of Millennium Place Marina, said: “We have received a lot of inquiries from the companies participating in the exhibition, as well as from tour operators and travel agencies that are designing special packages for their clients. ) ».

He added: «Certainly there is a positive impact, and receiving a lot of requests and inquiries is a positive indicator of the importance and size of the event at the global level, as we see a lot of encouraging atmosphere as the time of the event approaching».

He pointed out that the exhibition is a unique opportunity, and we expect to receive a record turnout from visitors, stressing that Dubai is at the forefront of global destinations that are very popular, and the hosting of this event will undoubtedly greatly enhance its position and its ability to attract visitors from all over the world.

714 hotel properties

The total number of hotel rooms in Dubai as of the end of June 2019 amounted to 118,345 hotel rooms distributed among 714 hotel establishments, an increase of 6%, reflecting the investor confidence in the tourism sector.

Five-star and four-star hotels accounted for 34% and 25%, respectively, of the total number of hotel rooms available in the emirate. The proportion of hotel apartments in all categories «luxury», «luxury», «ordinary» 21%.

195 participating countries

195 countries have confirmed their participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, making it the most comprehensive and international expo to date. Between the opening day of 20 October 2020 and the closing ceremony of 10 April 2021, the exhibition is expected to attract more than 25 million visits. Expo will be built on a total area of ​​4.38 square kilometers.