UNIQLO, which is being hit by a boycott of a boycott that has been triggered by Japan's export restrictions to Korea, is drawing attention as it closes the door of the Seoul Laurel branch next month.

According to the related industry today, a bulletin board was set up two days ago in front of UNIQLO Laurel, which is located in E-Mart Laurel.

The bulletin also included a note of appreciation for the customer and the request for continued interest in UNIQLO.

The official website of UNIQLO has also announced that the last business day of UNIQLO's Laurel is September 15th.

Some point to a drop in sales due to boycotts, but UNIQLO has denied that lending is not related to the boycott.

A UNIQLO official said, "We informed E-Mart that we would renew our clothing store in May, before the boycott."

Previously, UNIQLO Jongno 3-ga branch, which is located in the 5th floor of Jongno-gu, Seoul, announced that it will withdraw in October due to a re-expiration agreement with the building owner.

UNIQLO Guro Store, which is located at AK Plaza Guro Main Store, will be closed after 31st of this month.

This is due to the closing of the AK Plaza, but no further relocation plans are known.

(Photo = Yonhap News)