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US Democrat Rashida Tlaib will finally be allowed to travel to Israel despite President Trump's protests REUTERS / Brittany Greeson / File Photo

The Israeli authorities will allow the entry on their territory to the American democratic elected Rashida Tlaib for " humanitarian " reason, announced Friday, August 16, the Minister of the Interior.

Israel had announced the day before to have banned the visit of Mrs. Tlaib and another American elect Ilhan Omar. But Minister Arié Dery decided on Friday to allow Ms. Tlaib's entry " for a humanitarian visit to her grandmother ". Rashida Tlaib also " promised not to advance the cause of the boycott against Israel during his stay, " according to a statement from the ministry.

The Israeli decision was obviously influenced by President Donald Trump. Both of them are very critical of President Donald Trump's policy in Congress. They are also known for their pro-Palestinian stances in favor of boycotting Israel.

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Israeli diplomacy had initially recommended the visit. This is a call by US President Donald Trump that will change their minds about their arrival. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, criticized the role played by Donald Trump, speaking of " unworthy behavior on the part of a president ".