Go to the beginning of the acceleration lane and join the confluence to call for highway congestion reduction 16:21 on August 16

When using the expressway at home, etc., the expressway publicity calls for a way to merge at the head of the acceleration lane when entering the driving lane from the acceleration lane to alleviate traffic congestion.

When joining an expressway lane from an interchange or the like, will you be worried if the rest of the acceleration lane gets shorter and shorter, and will you enter the lane in the middle of the acceleration lane?

The Nagoya Expressway Public Corporation calls on the driver to join the train after reaching the head, not in the middle of the accelerating lane, in order to alleviate traffic congestion.

If a car enters the driving lane one after another in the acceleration lane, the car running in the driving lane will repeatedly step on the brakes in various places, and the flow of the car will deteriorate, but the joining point is the first If it is limited to one place, the number of times the car will brake irregularly will be reduced and the flow of the driving lane will be smooth.

This merging method is named “Zipper method” by the expressway public corporation because the vehicles in the driving lane and the vehicles in the acceleration lane merge so that the zippers are combined alternately.

The Nagoya Expressway Corporation introduced this method on Facebook and Twitter when traffic jams are expected, and the person in charge said, “If you join at the beginning, you will not have to slow down as a whole. I want you to cherish. "