The Center for Litigation Dispute, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department, said it receives a number of cases that are rare and can be described as a "blink."

He pointed out in statements to «Emirates Today», that among these issues received by the Center, an issue belonging to one of the tenants demanded the termination of his lease because of the spread of «termites».

In detail, the Center for Rent Dispute Resolution reported that there are a number of cases that come to the Center, which are rare and not without «blink», such as one of the tenants filed a lawsuit demanding the cancellation of a lease contract because of the spread of «termites» in a villa rented, Where one of the types of «termites» after two months of lease, demanding in his claim to oblige the owner to refund the amounts paid for not achieving the benefit of the leased eye.

He stressed that the tenant enclosed a report with his claim confirming the reason for his request, pointing out that the Center in these cases assign a specialized company to provide an independent report to determine the status of the property, and the extent of the tenant's ability to benefit from (the rent) or not, in the case of the tenant's inability to Taking advantage of the leased property, the contract may be terminated in favor of the tenant, as the Center is based on such provisions or the like, that the landlord must provide the tenant with the desired benefit of the property.

The center aims to establish a safe real estate environment, guaranteeing the rights of all parties including landlords, tenants and intermediaries, he said, stressing that the center aims to establish the rights and needs of tenants and tenants and settle their disputes in a friendly way. He stated that the condition of the property and the extent of the tenant's use of the leased eye are among the most important determinants of the rental value in Dubai.

He stressed that the tenant may appeal in case he does not use the property. He added that Law No. (33) for the year 2008, which amended some provisions of Law No. (26) for the year 2007, regulating the relationship between the tenants and tenants of real estate in Dubai, and in Article No. (9), stipulates that the appointment of rent or rent A number of determinants include: the economic situation of the area in which the property is located, the state of the property in terms of whether it has services or not, any new legislation pertaining to the rental sector, as well as the prevailing rental value in the area.

He stressed that the Center is looking forward since its establishment in 2013, to become the international reference in the resolution of rent disputes, and the Center contributes in the formulation of proactive solutions, which ensure the response to the requirements of each stage of the growth of the sector, noting that one of the basic tasks of the Center to reconcile and reconcile The parties to the rental relationship, therefore, have established an administration under the same name, which is responsible for conducting amicable settlement of rental disputes, with the aim of moving towards alternatives to litigation, saving effort, time and money.

When the landlord breaches one of the basic conditions of the lease, which he signed with the lessor, the tenant has the right to terminate or extend the contract until the end of its term.

He explained that one of the orientations of the Center is to automate all its work in such a way as to ensure simplification of procedures, speedy settlement of rent disputes and guaranteeing the rights of all parties, especially the financial ones.

• The Center aims to establish a secure real estate environment that guarantees the rights of all parties.