▲ Yoon Dong-han, Chairman of Korea Kolmar

In Kolmar Korea's monthly inquiry, a video showing a rough statement of a YouTuber related to Korea-Japan relations is being screened.

According to Kolmar employees on the 8th, the video was released during a monthly inquiry held in the Nagok-dong headquarters in Seoul the day before Chairman Yoon Dong-han explained to the employees Korea's response to Japanese export restrictions.

Chairman Yoon said, “Let's think together.”

The video is about a conservative youtuber criticizing Moon Jae-in's government's response to Japan, and it is said that it included problematic remarks, such as "Abe is too great a leader not to punch his face."

Many slang words have appeared in the comments of the Youtube, the employees said.

"Some of the women in Venezuela sell for just $ 7," she said. "Some of the women said," she said. "There were no women's comments." I remember, I'm checking the video again to get an accurate picture. "

After the inquiry, an anonymous bulletin board said, "We forced Yoon to watch a YouTube conservative channel, and the low tone, slang, and extreme criticism of women were very unpleasant."

Kolmar explained that Mr. Yoon played a video in the sense that he should refrain from extreme reactions like this Youtube in inter-national relations.

An official from Kolmar explained, "When the situation in the cosmetics industry is in a bad situation, we have to go through Japanese export regulations, and the video was set up in the sense that we can't go through the crisis with emotional response like this YouTuber."

"I never played a video in sync with that YouTuber's idea," he said. "Think about it."

(Photo = Yonhap News)