Mercari First listing after listing at 13.7 billion yen in deficit August 8 at 18:22

Mercari, a major flea market app, announced its financial results for the first year after listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Although sales increased significantly, the final deficit swelled to 13.7 billion yen due to increased recruitment of engineers and increased labor costs.

Mercari announced that financial results for the year up to June have been the highest so far, with sales increasing to 41.6 billion yen, up 44.5% from the previous year, due to an increase in the number of users of the Flea market in a wide range of generations. It was.

However, the final profit and loss was 13.7 billion yen, and the deficit spread almost twice as much as the previous year.

This is because of the expansion of the business, AI = hiring engineers who are familiar with artificial intelligence, increasing labor costs, and the cost of increasing the number of users of smartphone payments started from that time.

Mercari is also actively investing in the US business, so the final deficit is the seventh consecutive year, including before listing.

CEO Shintaro Yamada said at the press conference, “We are aiming for medium- to long-term growth rather than increasing short-term profitability. As a listed company, we are also responsible for growing, so we will continue to grow. I would like to continue investing for that. "