Tokyo Forex Market Yen Market Price Modest Price Increase August 7th 18:14

The yen exchange rate rose slightly as the US foreign exchange market on the 7th, and there was a move to sell dollars in fear of the conflict between the United States and China, and it was temporarily around 1 dollar = 105 yen.

The yen exchange rate was 10 yen to 30 yen from 1 dollar = 106.29 yen at 8 pm compared to 6 days, a weakening of 8 yen yen.

Compared to the 6th, the euro was 36 yen stronger against the euro, 1 euro = 118.93 yen to 97 yen.

The euro was 1 dollar = 1.1189 to 90 dollars against the dollar.

A market official said, “The United States has recognized China as a currency manipulation country, and the confrontation between the US and China has become more uncertain. ”Because the standard value for currency / renminbi and dollar trading has been set at the high level of the yuan against the dollar for seven days, the controversy is likely to be prolonged”.