The Center for Litigation Dispute, the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department, has expressed appreciation to UAE national Fatima Ibrahim Sulaiman, widow of the late Obaid Al Helou, for donating AED 1.5 million to support the insolvent of those convicted in rental cases.
Juma Bin Humaidan, Deputy Director General, Dubai Land Department, said: “Community participation in alleviating the suffering of the insolvent is a consistent and genuine approach to the values ​​of the UAE society. Compassion among the various segments of society, representing more than 200 nationalities, is characterized by bonds of affection, love and peace.
`` We are pleased to see this increasing demand from citizens to relieve the insolvent and bring joy to their hearts on this occasion. We hope that the community will interact with these initiatives in the Year of Tolerance, and we reaffirm our readiness to cooperate with institutions and individuals to achieve these goals and work together to spread happiness among all segments of society in Dubai.
It is noteworthy that the Center for Rent Dispute Resolution in Dubai relies on committees specialized in assessing the cases of convicts in rental cases, and based on certain bases are identified those who can benefit from the donations and assistance provided by individuals and charities in the country.
With Eid Al Adha approaching and in cooperation with Dubai Police, Dubai Land launched last month 'Eid in Your Home' initiative and released a number of prisoners for rent cases in Dubai after a large donation from an Emirati businessman. These donations, which the philanthropists have in the country throughout the year, show their keenness to do good and give, as one of the features that have characterized the UAE since its inception.