Nikkei Stock Average Decreased by more than 600 yen due to concerns about friction between the US and China Aug. 6 at 12:14

The Tokyo stock market on the 6th saw the overall weakness in fear that the US and China would face a more intense conflict over trade and foreign exchange, and the Nikkei Stock Average fell temporarily by more than 600 yen.

The Tokyo Stock Market on the 6th had a sharp decline in stock prices in the New York market on the 5th, and the selling order swelled immediately after the start of trading, and the Nikkei Stock Average fell temporarily over 600 yen.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price in the morning was 20,299.69 yen, 420.60 yen lower than the closing price on the 5th.

On the 6th morning of Japan time, President Trump was dissatisfied with the yuan's weak dollar appreciation for the first time in 11 years, while the wariness of the US-China trade friction was rising again in the market. Suddenly announcing that it was certified as a “Foreign Exchange Control Country” raised all the concerns.

Since then, the Chinese authorities have set the exchange rate of the renminbi slightly higher.

However, market officials said, “In addition to trade, a new element of conflict between the United States and China over exchanges will begin to become conscious, and the rough development of price movement will continue for a while.”