Japan Post Insurance Unsuitable Sales JP Labor Union decides to revise its business policy August 7th 4:23

Japan's largest union in Japan as a single labor union due to inappropriate insurance sales issues at Japan Post Life Insurance Co., Ltd. said that it was necessary to fundamentally review the way in which financial products such as insurance were sold. It was decided to make a resolution at the open national convention.

Japan Post Insurance has found many cases of improper insurance sales, such as customers not getting new insurance when they transfer from an old contract to a new one.

In response, Japan Post, which is responsible for insurance sales, is reluctant to conduct insurance sales activities in order to prioritize responses to customers who may have been disadvantaged.

In this regard, Japan's largest union “JP Labor Union”, which has 240,000 union members and Japan's largest union, will decide on its future policy at the national convention to be held in Kumamoto from 21st of this month. became.

According to the resolutions that have been clarified so far, he pointed out that “there was a strong tendency to focus on sales performance, and guidance was given to pursue the numbers.”

In the future, it will be necessary to fundamentally review the sales of financial products such as insurance, to avoid training and meetings that induce inappropriate sales, and to discuss the ideals of sales targets.

In addition, the JP union policy is to require the company to take salary measures for employees whose allowances are reduced due to self-restraint of sales activities.